Offering Hope to those victimized in sex trafficking


Help for Sexually Exploited &

Trafficked Women

Safe Haven Ministries is a faith-based non-profit helping individuals who have been impacted by human/sex trafficking. We are a team of compassionate professionals that lead women to a new sense of self-worth through empowerment and support.

We will provide safe housing, shelter, food, and restorative programing. Safe Haven Ministries also has partnerships with individuals and organizations that provide addiction treatment and counseling services.

Giving Hope!

The goal of Safe Haven Ministries is to help restore dignity to victims by providing a Christ-centered, secure environment. We seek to provide a life experience encouraged by staff that are dedicated to leading individuals to a life renewed. This is accomplished by teaching life skills that encourage new identity and self-confidence.


A New Life Starts Here!

At Safe Haven Ministries, it is our intent to help those who have found themselves traumatized, abused and neglected by human/sex trafficking. As a result, these women typically have low self-esteem and self-worth.  It is our goal to come along side these women and show them we care. Safe Haven Ministries, along with our partners, give women the respect and dignity they deserve. Our goal is to help them learn that they can change, and no longer need to feel demoralized or ashamed. Safe Haven Ministries gives women new life skills through mentoring, programing and counseling. We show them that they have purpose and they matter. So, when they are ready, they can enter society with confidence knowing they have a fulfilling new life ahead of them.