Committed to Transforming Lives

Safe Haven Ministries’ goal is to help survivors of human/sex trafficking build healthier, happier, hope-filled lives. Our intent is to offer programing that allows women to learn new life skills, including setting goals, working with others, job interviewing skills and building healthier lives while forging new relationships. Along with our partnerships, we offer housing, food, clothing and counseling/mental health services and support.

Luke 19: 10 “For God sent the Son of Man To seek and save the lost”


Counseling Support

Safe Haven Ministries understands women who have been trafficked have experienced both physical and mental trauma. The intensity of what they have been through has left deep scars. Their mental and emotional suffering often leaves them with little to no true identity. For that reason, Safe Haven Ministries has partnerships with professionals to provide counseling, mental health and support services. Safe Haven Ministries is committed to treating the whole person and providing all they need for their well-being.


Addiction Support

Safe Haven Ministries realizes that oftentimes those caught up in human/sex trafficking have struggled with some form of addiction.  We have very strong relationships with multiple treatment centers to provide the help they need to become sober.  When they have achieved the goal of sobriety, their physical, emotional and mental health can be addressed.



Safe Haven Ministries will offer shelter to help individuals who are dealing with sex trafficking by providing a safe home and food along with programing, healing support and mentoring. We ensure survivors safety and confidentiality.

It is our goal to bring healing, hope, support and a new purpose in life by providing women with a new sense of self-worth.

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